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2021 San Francisco Design Week Award Winner

OLLY, the makers of easy-to-love nutritious gummy supplements, have a brand that deftly intertwines happiness and wellness. Now when one enters their new San Francisco headquarters in Jackson Square, you step right into those feelings.

First and foremost, the new headquarters allows people to be productive, with 20,000 SF of spaces for creative collaboration, heads-down work, and a laboratory-like test (and tasting!) kitchen where the delicious and nutritious health gummies are developed. But Camp OLLY always gives permission to play while important work is done. The experience throughout the workplace embodies health in a beautiful, fun, and whimsical way, resembling more of a magic wellness camp than an office space.

One of the key moments at Camp OLLY is experienced when the elevator doors open: an all-white reception and curved display wall bathed in changing colored lights resembles an all-in-one happy laboratory and retail space. The reception desk gives a nod to the smiling OLLY logo as well as the shape of the company’s unique bottles, promising people that they’ve officially stepped into the OLLY brand. And visible past the color changing gummy display wall is a larger-than-life OLLY “O” constructed of bright living moss and an OLLY smile that literally welcomes you to sit inside or play on.

Camp OLLY captures that feeling you get from popping one of their healthy, tasty gummies. It’s similar to that lighthearted feeling you have when you’re part of a camp that’s centered around health and happiness. You leave excited to come back for more.

Good health is at the center of everything we do and it was our mission to create a healthy workplace full of “happy campers”. With the help of our design team, we were able to extend this philosophy to the design of our office in a way that supports how we work while balancing fun and allowing our brand to shine.  While different companies are giving up large parts of their physical offices during the pandemic, the feedback we’ve gotten from our team is that they simply can’t wait to safely return to Camp OLLY, where we do our best work, together.

Callie Damsgaard, Chief People + Environment Officer

Photography: Omied Arvin
Fennie+Mehl captures Olly culture Fennie+Mehl designs socializing space for Olly Fennie+Mehl designs the perfect office cooking space.

This first impression and reception experience also takes place in the heart of Camp OLLY, the area right off of the bright and beautiful kitchen. The large moss OLLY “O” is at the head of a picnic-inspired “family table” where the company gathers for their daily family lunches that have been sacred to their culture for years. Brick and timber architecture and the abundance of natural light streaming in through historic windows and skylights grounds the space.

Fennie+Mehl designs a place for entertaining. Fennie+Mehl designs a kitchen for the whole Olly family. Fennie+Mehl kitchen details for Olly. Fennie+Mehl designs room with skylight. F+M designs a nice dose of quiet for Olly. Fennie+mehl hits the mark in their design for Olly. Fennie+Mehl celebrates color for Olly. Fennie+Mehl captures Olly's brand.

Because joy is meant to be spread, FENNIE+MEHL filled Camp OLLY with places to share experiences either in person or through fun, bright, joyful moments that you can’t help but snap a photo of and share with friends. Around every corner are large abstract artistic representations of mountains, rainbows, oceans and birds to spark a smile and remind employees that nature is the ultimate backdrop to health and wellness. A “speakeasy” is found when you follow the bright neon wall sign, a contemporary nod to their historic Barbary Coast neighborhood. Walk the workplace, and the energy and excitement felt from OLLY employees is reminiscent more of happy campers than corporate employees.

F+M open alcove for Olly F+M serves up interior design for Olly. Fennie+Mehl brings outdoor inspired color to solo sitting area for Olly. F+M designs a colorful calm corner for Olly.
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