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Photography: Jasper Sanidad

07 Apr

When Work and Heart Collide

For the third year in a row F+M has been recognized by the IIDAHonor Awards.  This year we are twice blessed, receiving both the Give Award (for improving a physical space’s impact on society) and the People’s Choice Award for our ThoughtWorks project.   Thank you ThoughtWorks for a great project and meaningful philanthropy partnership. 

We had a feeling that working with a global software company that values “service to others over self” could result in something really special. The ThoughtWorks San Francisco office, built to be inclusive in every sense of the word, is a place where the tech and local community come together to work toward social change. In March, the International Interior Design Association Honor Awards rewarded this design and social commitment mash-up by presenting FENNIE+MEHL with the Give Award, for the best example of improving a physical space’s impact on society.

Design is what we do. Social commitments are how we do it. It’s sure nice when both of those things can come together.