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11 Jul

Behind the Design: Vismaya Koni

Vismaya’s lifelong curiosity for art and design drew her to study architecture as an undergraduate and continue her discovery about interiors with a Master’s degree in interior architecture. She is drawn to developing finishes for projects, from sourcing to client presentations, and will always opt to support sustainable design practices in every way. Having grown up in culturally diverse India means Maya is particularly adept at designing for various cultural contexts and understanding that everyone is more than what we see. She transfers her emotions into her own digital drawings and paintings that are abstract enough to leave room for interpretation.

Education & Professional Affiliations:
Bachelor of Architecture, Dayananda Sagar Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India
Master of Arts in Interior Architecture, Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a fashion/fabric designer as a kid. I would carry a little sketchbook around with me and sketch my ideas all the time, even when I should have been paying attention to something else. I stuck with that dream for quite a few years until I discovered my interest in architecture and interior design.

Where do you go to for constant inspiration?
I love looking at digital art/digital artists along with other designers for inspiration. There’s always such a variety with approaches and techniques and a keen eye for detail. It helps me change my perspective what may usually seem mundane.

When did you first learn about your field of work and what called you to it?
I first heard about interior design quite early on, but I found it to be a real interest after I started architecture school. The ability to influence the way a person feels when they step through the spaces with design was what truly drew me to it.

Best piece of advice you were given once you started to pursue your career…
To enjoy the creative process and not forget how amazing it is to be able to do creative work every day.

Female teacher who inspired you the most and why…
One of my teachers in 10th grade saw her students as they were and was an incredible support system to us. She had an ability to identify potential and encourage it while being kind throughout. An approach to teaching like this one was so rare, and both influential and inspiring.

What excited you about joining the team at F+M?
The atmosphere of collaboration and team growth that I saw from the very beginning. Working with the team helped solidify my initial impression that the whole team’s progress is important to each person. I’ve always felt welcome and encouraged.