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06 Aug

A Lookbook for Silicon Valley Bank

In 2017, Silicon Valley Bank continued its commitment to create trailblazing offices, spending $48 million in construction on various sites around the globe.  The ultimate blueprint for this work is a “lookbook” conceived by FENNIE+MEHL to help solidify a visual brand for the company.  In this American Builder’s Quarterlyarticle, offices designed by FENNIE+MEHL in Boston (Newton) and New York City are highlighted.

“The lookbook, which was developed in conjunction with SVB’s architect partners, sought to be what Brown calls “a physical expression of our brand, values, and culture in the workplace.” It created regularity among design that had not been there previously, and it gave architectural partners and internal relationship-management partners a way to communicate with internal stakeholders about the renovation sites and the design. “This created buy-in and a consistency of brand that translates the SVB culture throughout the portfolio,” Brown says.

In line with its new workplace strategy, Brown says, the bank has largely done away with private offices in newly built sites and offers choices of collaborative spaces to support the type of work being done at any given time of the day. “We want to create opportunities for collisions,” she says, “and we do that throughout the workplace so that our folks can have opportunities to run into each other to spark innovation, ideas, and conversation.”

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