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Western Union SF Offices

Western Union


Western Union needed 1) a new digital platform for online and mobile money transfers, and 2) a new tech-savvy staff to create the necessary apps. Management turned to San Francisco, where tech talent is abundant, for their new location, and gave carte blanche to F+M to create the new Western Union digital brand.

Since the 26,000-square-foot space would serve to lure in-demand tech talent, the new brand look had to be of-the-moment, slightly ironic and completely irresistible. The main floor unfolds from a 300-foot-long streetscape that bisects open workspace. Centrally located kitchen/all hands break area anchor the space. Despite the abundant space, the company required another 16,000 feet within months.

The F+M vision synced up perfectly with ours. I’m proud to say that this facility has become the model and the new standard for Western Union globally.

John Coons, Vice President Corporate Real Estate

Photography: Chad Ziemendorf
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