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When first generation non-profit SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) found their perfect office space, it was small and very 1980s, but it backed into the perfect Telegraph Hill location in San Francisco. For a company focused in making standards around sustainability, windows filled with nature on one side and the City on the other couldn’t be passed up.

FENNIE+MEHL was asked to make the new office communicate SASB’s commitment to sustainability and corporate transparency while fitting the work style of a staff intently focused on complex data analysis. The plan focused solely on finishes, furniture and visual artifacts. F+M had 8 short weeks to design and deliver.

F+M delivered SASB a space without distractions but with a clear and quiet confidence. Transparency is everywhere. It’s in the 3-dimensional, layered-glass graphic they created that defines the space between the break area and open work area while also listing the 80 industries and sectors SASB is influencing through their ground-breaking work. And the custom-F+M designed floor-to-ceiling ‘SASB’ art greets visitors as they enter the reception area. The conference and private rooms throughout are named after individuals such as Lincoln and Shakespeare, people who have influenced SASB’s leadership and business vision. Those individuals’ names as well as inspirational quotes are vertically applied within the room to link the company culture of leadership and accountability within the space.

Photography: FENNIE+MEHL
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