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Belcorp Headquarters + Mobile Spa

Belcorp is a Latin American corporation that develops and sells beauty products around the globe. It is known for its exclusive products and the fashionable women who wear and sell them. Belcorp is the ninth-largest direct seller in the world. For its first foray into the United States, general manager Maria Montoya asked F+M to design a sleek and polished headquarters that reflected the international Belcorp experience and luxury brand.

F+M responded with a space that resembles a high-end retail environment. The focus is on a sleek presentation area that is illuminated to compliment Belcorp’s beautifully designed products. Here, and throughout the meticulously appointed space, Belcorp execs demonstrate products, court beauty consultants, train newbies and meet distributors.

It was very important that visitors have an immediate sense of Belcorp’s stature in the beauty world. FENNIE+MEHL knew just what to do.

Maria Montoya, General Manager, 2005-2011

Photography: J. Edgar Fennie Jr.


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Belcorp Mobile Spa

Belcorp had a mission to expand its brand visibility on the West Coast and recruit women to serve as direct distributors. F+M took that challenge on the road by creating an 8’ x 40’ mobile spa. Designed for a full-time crew of six, the spa traveled to various cities where it was quickly put to work for four or five days at a time, giving potential customers a free skin diagnosis, facials and complete exposure to the product line.

It was imperative that the spa design deliver the same high-end ambience as the Belcorp U.S. headquarters in San Francisco, also designed by F+M. Lighting, colors and finishes were carefully selected to establish that level of richness.

The scale of the vehicle presented unique design challenges and F+M worked closely with Farber Specialty Vehicles, Columbus Ohio, from concept to fabrication. Video, audio, graphic and data systems were all integrated for a full immersion experience.

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