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The atrium at Minnesota Street Project, courtesy Mariko Reed

28 Oct

Jenna Ruth’s SF Inspirations

Read how Jenna Ruth of FENNIE+MEHL finds inspiration all over the city she’s called home for 20 years.

You might not immediately recognize her name, but in the world of architecture and design, Jenna Ruth is kind of a big deal. As the lead female designer at renowned San Francisco-based architectural and interior design firm Fennie+Mehl, Jenna dreams up wildly creative workspaces for Silicon Valley’s biggest innovators. We’re talking awe-inspired interiors decked with gourmet kitchens, cool cafés, eye-popping wall art, cozy reading nooks—offices you actually want to work in (and might even dream of living in).

“S.F.’s entrepreneurial energy is infectious,” says Jenna. “At the heart of this city are people passionately creating and reshaping industries. And there’s nothing more exciting than working with these brilliant, pioneering minds because they’re so open to us pushing creativity in their spaces.”

Always on the quest for inspiration, San Francisco is this designer’s greatest muse. “I love walking all over the city. No matter how long you live here there’s something new to discover. Taking in the Bay Area’s incredible natural beauty against its urban charm, quaint neighborhoods, and vibrant history just sparks ideas and fresh ways of thinking,” she says.

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